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UV air recirculator bactericidal Knight R1521
  • UV air recirculator bactericidal Knight R1521
  • UV air recirculator bactericidal Knight R1521

UV air recirculator bactericidal Knight R1521

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Brand:Витязь, ОАО
Country of manufacture:Belarus

Air Recycling "Hero" irradiators are gated with bezozonovymi bactericidal lamps and are designed for air disinfection of premises in the presence and absence of people.

The principle of operation is based on the recirculator exposed to ultraviolet germicidal radiation (254 nm) passing through the air chamber. Room air is pumped into the recirculator camera built-in fan and falls at the time of exposure under germicidal UV lamps in the chamber. As a result of such exposure occurs neutralization activity of microorganisms present in the air.

In embodiments, a photocatalytic filter recirculator (designation FC) further uses the principle of photocatalysis. Organic and inorganic contaminants, bacteria and viruses deposited on the surface of the photocatalytic filter TiO 2 . Under the influence of UV radiation they decompose to an absolutely harmless components of natural air, that allows to apply to recyclers photocatalytic filter for air cleaning from harmful chemicals and odor

  • Recycling air germicidal UV "Hero" are designed for the disinfection of indoor air in the presence and absence of people, to reduce the germicidal air microflora in the presence of people.
  • As a result of clinical trials obtained conclusion that the use recirculator "Knight" reduces bacterial microflora of air in the presence of people, improve the initial parameters of indoor air purity and disinfecting effect recirculator merits of wide application in terms of aerosol prevention of nosocomial infections.
  • Medical institutions
  • manufacturing establishments
  • public institutions
  • domestic premises
  • And:

    - dressing, room sterilization and pasterilizatsii breast-Molo-ka, the Chamber and the separation immunocomprimised patients Chamber reanima-tional offices, bacteriological and virological Laboratories-rii, blood bank, pharmaceutical plant for the manufac-NIJ sterile dosage forms, chambers, offices, children's game-stems rooms, classrooms, household premises of industrial and public buildings with a high concentration of people for longer stays, etc.

  • high performance and efficiency with small overall dimensions;
  • Choose the filter photocatalytic TiO 2 (option);
  • presence LCD indicator lamps and the operating time meter (option);
  • the presence of the sleep timer (option);
  • the possibility for the user to program the modes and settings (option);
  • speech presence informant (option);
  • low sound level of the fan;
  • the possibility of manning a tripod.
Options ultraviolet germicidal air Retsirulyator
"Knight" "Vityaz" 01FK "Vityaz" R1520 "Vityaz" R1521 "Vityaz" R1522FK
Performance of the air flow, m³ / h 75 ± 25
The number of UV lamps
(Socket G13), pcs.
UV Lamp Power, W 25 25 15 15 15
Photocatalytic Filter TiO 2 - + - - +
Power consumption from the mains (230 V, 50 Hz), W, no more 130
Indication of glow lamps +
LCD display modes and settings - - - + +
Run counter lamps - - - + +
Sleep timer - - - + +
Possibility of programming modes and operating parameters - - - + +
Bitching Betty - - - - +
Sound level, dB, not more 50
Dimensions, W / H / V, not more 280/180/15% 0
Weight, no more 8
Brand:Витязь, ОАО
Country of manufacture:Belarus
Automatic switching off:There is
Information is up-to-date: 22.04.2021

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