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Steam Sterilizer GP-100VV-1C
  • Steam Sterilizer GP-100VV-1C

Steam Sterilizer GP-100VV-1C

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Brand:Витязь, ОАО
Country of manufacture:Belarus
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Sterilizers designed for sterilization with saturated steam under excess pressure in the automatic mode of textile products, surgical instruments, utensils and other medical products.


  • Informative color touch screen;
  • door "slider" type (shifted in the vertical direction);
  • automatic door control (closing / opening the door);
  • intelligent, flexible installation and management modes of the system

Application area:

Sterilizers are used in various fields LPU for equipping central sterilization departments, operating with sterilizing units, in hospital wards and pharmacies as well as in the laboratory.

The sterilizer is operated in the stationary heated premises (at an ambient temperature of +10 to + 35 ° C, relative humidity of 80% at + 25 ° C).

Sterilizer meets the requirements of GOST 15150-69 UHL4.2 by type of climatic version and GOST 20790-93 Group 1 to mechanical stress. In accordance with GOST 20790, depending on the consequences of failure during use is a Class B

Technical characteristics of the sterilizer

Characteristic Steam Sterilizers large
Chamber volume, liters 100
Overall dimensions (depth × width × height) mm 1250 × 900 1750 ×
Dimensions of the chamber (depth × width × height) mm 745 × 395 × 395
sterilizer Weight, kg 530
Nominal working pressure in the chamber and the jacket, MPa 0.21
The range of pressure pulsations in the pumping chamber in a cycle, MPa minus (0,05 ~ 0,095) ÷ (0,065 ~ 0,095)
Pumping of air: the air pumping cycles 3 is removed from the chamber,% 99
The possible amount of air pumping cycles (pulsations), pieces 3 ~ 6
The length of time the sterilization step, min 0 ÷ 166
The duration of the drying stage, min 0 ÷ 166
Temperature range ° C sterilization 105 ÷ 135
The pressure in the feedwater line, MPa 0.15 ~ 0.3
Air pressure, MPa 0.5 ~ 0.7
Power sterilizer 400V / 50Hz (phase 3)
Sterilizer consumption, kW, not more 12.75
Compressor no
water softener no

* Supplied with GP-100VV-01S

Brand:Витязь, ОАО
Country of manufacture:Belarus
Volume: 100 L
Case Material:Metal
Profile: 1250×900×1750 mm
Sterilization method:Steam
Information is up-to-date: 01.07.2020
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