Awards and diplomas: Vityaz, OAO, Belarus, ALL.BIZ: Belarus
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Vityaz, OAO
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Awards and diplomas Vityaz, OAO

By results of an assessment of the certified quality system ISO existing at the enterprise and for the high quality of production confirmed with long-term practice to Republican unitary Manufacturing Enterprise "Vityaz" within the Russian National Program of advance of high-quality goods, services and advanced technologies the rank of "The quality enterprise" is given and the Passport of the quality enterprise is issued. Participates in the All-Russian Brand Program, RUPP "Hero" since 2001. By results of the first stage of the Program at a total exhibition "The All-Russian Brand (the III millennium): The XXI century quality mark" in 2002 six models of Hero TVs were awarded by the Gold "Quality mark of the 21st century". At the second stage of the Program a number of models of Hero TVs were awarded already the highest, the Platinum "Quality marks of the 21st century" which were handed at an exhibition "The All-Russian Brand (the III millennium): The XXI century quality mark" in 2004. For the first time RUPP "Hero" was awarded ranks of "The quality enterprise" in 2005. Upon termination of two-year period of validity of the first Passport of the quality enterprise, the high rank is confirmed again and the new Passport will work till December, 2009. Besides, the quantity of goods prize-winners under the Hero brand steadily grows. Now 17 models of TVs and other high-quality goods made by RUPP "Hero" by right are marked by the Quality mark of the 21st century. 
Among them there are liquid crystal TVs and TVs with absolutely flat screen of models: Premium 15", Premium 20", Alpha, and Lyuksor.


awards and diplomas Vityaz, OAO Belarus, ALL.BIZ: Belarus